System.ArgumentException: The provided URI scheme ‘file’ is invalid; expected ‘http’.

If you are using Silverlight RIA Services application, you might get this error sometimes. Simple reason is you have set the Silverlight application as a Startup project. When Silverlight project is startup project it will generate a test html page and loads it from file system rather than in http mode. So simple fix is … [Read more…]

Dependency graph for assembly in Vs 2010 beta 2

In Visual Studio 2010 beta 2, on opening the application, click on ‘Architecture’ menu, you will find ‘Generate Dependency Graph’. On expanding, you will find ‘by assembly’, ‘by namespace’, ‘by class’ and custom. Select any one that suits your requirement, and explore how your code calls each and every method in the application, how code … [Read more…]